The Swiss Chamber of Commerce for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is headquartered in Brussels. It was founded in 1898.

Its main purpose is to serve as a platform for encounters between economic, cultural, and political circles representing Belgium, the European Union, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Our chamber of commerce organizes a dozen events per year. The annual events include: a summer cocktail party in June and Christmas dinner in December, which take place in Belgium, and a New Year's cocktail party in February, in Luxembourg.

Our chamber of commerce has over 220 members, and does not receive any government subsidies. It is run by volunteers only, and is solely funded by sponsors and membership fees.

The members of the board of directors and I are happy to welcome you as a new member, whether you are an individual person or a company.



Apéritif virtuel

Thursday 29 October 2020

à 18 heures (réservé aux membres)

Présentation par Pierre-Luc Leyvraz, vigneron à Chexbres, depuis sa cave afin de...

Cocktail d’été à la Chaufferie à Bruxelles

Tuesday 9 June 2020



AG et visite de l’exposition « It never Ends »...

Thursday 7 May 2020

(réservé aux membres)


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